We’re a family, yup, a family

By Robin

August 25, 2010


Category: By Amy


Our summer has ended. We said good-bye to newly-minted grandparents and (separately) headed home. Ellie Jo and I arrived in Rwanda a few days before Robin and I’m pretty sure we’ll never try that trick again. However, Robin is here now and we are settling into a good routine.We really are a little family.

The next few days around here are going to be full of settling in, both at home and at school. The next few days on the blog will be a recap of some of our non-baby major summer events.


2 Responses to “We’re a family, yup, a family”

  1. Hey, I know that dress!!! 🙂 I only wish I could see her in it in person…
    I’m glad you guys are all back and together again. (And lookin’ quite snazzy, I must say!)

  2. What a great family picture, you guys!!! Ellie Jo is precious in that dress from you, Chelsea. Oh boy this is not going to be easy…………..I know I told you you had to post a photo EVERY day, but now that I see them it makes me miss you all the more. I just want to pick her up off your lap right now and snuggle with my precious Ellie Jo and tell her how much I love her and not give her back for a very long time.

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