Summer Adjustment 2010

Last summer I wrote this post about the certainty of life in America.

This summer I discovered that its possible to live with a Rwanda-level of life uncertainty while in the States – just have a baby! As odd as this may sound, adjusting to life with Ellie Jo has made the summer seem incredibly normal. We’ve had to be flexible with bed time, sleeping time, eating time, visiting time, riding in the car time, and anything previously considered “personal” time. It’s a little different than being flexible with shopping, driving, cooking, using the internet etc., but still pretty similar.

As I’ve talked about before, our relationships in Rwanda allow us to have our flexible lifestyle. We have wonderful relationships with our family in America, but I needed some other relational connections to help with the transition and adjustments this summer.

Enter cloth diapers.

I really wanted to use cloth diapers and came back to America with a whole list of diapers that I wanted to buy. The only problem was that I hate shopping in the first few weeks following continent hopping. It’s so impersonal. A friend graciously gave us their size small Fuzzi Bunz and started our stash of diapers, but there were still diapers to be bought.

Enter Craigslist.

Craigslist not only finished completing my diaper stash, but it satisfied my need for relational shopping. I got to meet with moms, talk about their experiences diapering, get tips and purchase their unneeded diapers. A perfect situation all around.

Now our summer holiday is nearly over and it will be time to add Ellie Jo flexibility to Rwanda flexibility. I’m already thankful for the relationships in Rwanda that will make that transition possible.


2 Responses to “Summer Adjustment 2010”

  1. What a darling, rolly baby! I know, I know, I keep commenting on how cute she is, but look at her! She’s perfect!
    I have never even seen such diapers, but they must work well if you were able to pick up so many off of craigslist moms. The yellow is nice!
    Can’t wait to read about your return to Rwandan adventures!

    • Well, I think she’s cute, but it’s always nice to hear it from someone more unbiased 😉
      We really love these cloth diapers. They come in a bunch of colors and it’s fun to coordinate with her outfits, lol. I used disposables for the flights over and she really didn’t like them. I have a very environmentally conscious baby 😉

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