By Robin

July 15, 2010

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A recurring theme in our lives is the need for relationships. We couldn’t do our cross-continental lifestyle without dear friends on each continent and it seems like we make new friends on every trip we take. Traveling is always more fun when you are heading toward friends.

This summer we’ve not only added a travel buddy, but, because of her, we’ve made a new friend.

Mary was our midwife for Ellie Jo’s birth. She actually helped deliver my youngest brother 15 years ago, but our relationship with her only began after we found out that we were pregnant. She agreed to be our midwife and consult long-distance until I arrived in the States in May. Once I got here, she continued to see her role as a birth consultant. She really respected what we wanted for Ellie Jo’s birth and facilitated a peaceful, empowering experience. Her gentle presence will be one of my favorite memories of this summer.

Today Mary made her last house call to us. Ellie Jo is three weeks old tomorrow and we won’t be in Washington for too much longer. Mary and Ellie Jo snuggled for a while and we talked about our return to Rwanda. The big event that brought us together has passed and life moves on. The relationship remains, however, and we can add Mary to the list of people we travel toward every summer.


One Response to “Mary”

  1. Sheesh! It’s blog entries like these that make a person mist up! What a wonderful story.

    Your darling little girl is so, so cute. (But I’m sure you hear that all the time).

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