Five more days….

By Robin

June 15, 2010

Category: By Robin

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In five days I’ll be in America and three days after that I’ll be reunited with Amy and our soon-to-arrive baby. Until then I have a few hoops to jump through…

– Get a passport photo (today)
– Cash summer paycheck (today)
– Return tea kettle because it has a British plug  (maybe today)
– Exchange a bunch of money to pay to Rwanda Revenue Authority for back taxes on our car ( Tomorrow)
– Get the car inspected (Tomorrow)
– Pay off the taxes (Tomorrow)
– Grade tests (Thursday)
– Finish IB proposal for school and submit (Friday)
– Submit finished report cards (Friday)
– Pay our houseworker’s salary for the rest of the summer (Saturday)
– Hire a night guard (Saturday)
– Give some money to our emergency contact for the summer’s expenses (Saturday)
– Pack! (ongoing)
– Pick up the rocking chair for Baby (Saturday)
– Pick up the washing machine (for Baby’s diapers) (Saturday)
– Leave!

It looks like a lot but I think it’s manageable.  Five is a very small number.

One Response to “Five more days….”

  1. I hope those five days were managable and that the trip was/is going safely.

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