Pizza Night

By Robin

May 17, 2010


Category: By Amy

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The photographer in me winces, but the friend in me smiles at this picture. I really did try to get a decent picture on Friday night at our last 2009/2010 pizza night, but it is amazing how dreadfully they turned out. Low lighting, no tripod and a dirty lens all conspired against me. Oh well…

We have a pizza night at our house every Friday night. I make anywhere from two to eight pizzas depending on the expected crowd. Toppings come from a variety of sources: pepperoni and bacon bits from Stateside packages, extra veggies arrive with Marissa  and occasionally something exotic like fresh mozzarella will show up. Teachers contribute drinks or dessert and we all get to hang out and relax after finishing yet another week of school.

Pizza night is such a part of our routine that I don’t often consider the fact that I actually MAKE pizza every. single. week. Then we get back to the States and pick up a take-away pizza and I am overwhelmed by: 1. the convenience and 2. the lack of homemade flavor.

You win some, you lose some.


One Response to “Pizza Night”

  1. Ah, I wish I could have been there to close out the year…and eat copious amounts of pizza, including the tiny corners that always seemed to have made it until it was time to leave the event. Another day, another time. Peace to you, Amy.

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