By Robin

May 10, 2010

Category: By Amy


As I take my morning shower the rising sun hits these bottle shards along the top of our wall. If the angle is just right it almost looks like frost glittering on the wall. I use the intensity of the glitter to gauge how long I’ve been in the shower. It’s a peaceful kind of timekeeper.

This morning I was thinking about my Leaving Rwanda list. Last year, as the time drew near to head back to the States, we made a list of things that we would NOT miss during our summer holiday. The close of our year had been stressful and we needed to remind ourselves that it would all be left behind. This year my list is of things that I *will* miss. I return to the States next week because of airline restrictions prior to my due date. I’m looking forward to being with my family and anticipating the baby, but I can already feel the tug of leaving our life here.

I’ll miss my morning sunrise.


6 Responses to “Morning”

  1. Have a good trip!

  2. Who would have thought that broken bottles atop a concrete wall (meant for security) could be so lovely? …Maybe you could make a crib mobile out of colored sea glass, so your little one could have the same sunrise joy. I never would have thought that Rwanda could be so senic, but with your entries about giant lilies, lake-side camping, and shards of glass… it seems strangely wonderful.

    • Mrs. – I’m glad that you are catching glimpses of the beauty of Rwanda through this blog. The country is lovely.
      And I love the idea of a sea glass mobile. The Oregon coast is one of my all-time favorite places and I’m always trying to bring reminders of it to our home. I will be investigating sea glass this summer!
      p.s. since I can’t comment on your blog…the new crocheted baby items are so sweet. I wish you the best on your new adventure 🙂

  3. Thank you, Amy! Hope you enjoyed your first Mother’s Day on Sunday.

  4. I hope to see you all this summer; I don’t know of any plans at this time.

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