Combined Classes

Look closely…seventh graders, first graders, even a kindergartner. Occasionally I get to make my little home school heart happy and mix up grades. I have an extra planning period and sometimes I’m used as a substitute teacher for several classes at once. I like to just throw them together and see what happens.

This day was an excellent example:

-The seventh graders were working on basic French and everyone else in the room was in an advanced reading group.
-Our language genius first grader was in the room. This child’s first language is Greek, he learned French second and has spent the last school year learning English. Not only can he speak all three languages, but he can also read and write them at a surprisingly advanced level.
-The seventh graders were really not happy with their French assignment and kept coming to me to translate directions for them.
-I handled the situation by having the first grader read the directions and give me the English translation. He was amazing.
-First grader thought he was being quizzed, the seventh graders got to see how easy their assignment was and I didn’t have to pretend to know more French than I actually do. Win-Win-Win.


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