Fresh Milk

Sometimes I just like to brag on our weekly delivery of fresh milk. The recent rainy season has made the milk sweet and creamy. For most of my pregnancy I’ve finished off all 5 liters every week almost completely on my own. But as the weather has gotten warmer Robin and I both like some cold milk with Nesquik when we get home from school. So good.

This year I’ve also occasionally been ambitious and made cheese with some of the milk. Our supplies are limited so I’ve only made a soft ricotta-like cheese or Indian paneer. It’s so easy to make and there is nothing like lasagna or curry with home made cheese. Don’t you want to come eat at our house?


2 Responses to “Fresh Milk”

  1. Yes, I do want to come eat at your house! Right now! Just love how your milk is even in an old-fashioned metal container. Kinda doubt that it’s two-percent, huh? Talk about fresh!

    • Ha, two-percent. I skim and save the cream before bottling it every week, but even then I’m sure the fat content is even higher than whole milk. It makes drinking American milk in the summers a little bit disappointing 🙂

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