By Robin

April 22, 2010

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Yesterday my 7th graders came in from science class. I looked up from my desk when I realized I was surrounded by three of them and they were all staring with some alarm at my stomach.

“30 hours! Mrs. Crocker, you are going to be in constant pain for 30 hours!”

“Has Ms. Pritchard been showing you birth videos?”

What instinct teaches students to attempt to transfer their horror over reproduction videos onto the pregnant teacher? Do they think I haven’t thought that far ahead?

I should have responded with, “What? Are you KIDDING me? I did NOT sign up for that. I quit right now. This baby is on. its. own.”


2 Responses to “Shock!”

  1. You look so beautiful. Nice touch with the yellow ballet flats!

  2. Hahaha. That would’ve been a hilarious response. Oh, kids…little do they know it could be so much longer than that. 😉 But surely your baby will be nice to you and it will be only be 30. 😛 Love you.

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