Lake Bunyonyi (Part 5, finally)

All the pregnancy/parenting books say to take vacations and spend lots of time relaxing before the arrival of the baby. However, most advise making major trips during the second trimester when the baby is still unobtrusive and sleeping doesn’t involve a flock of pillows. From a comfort perspective, I would now second that advice. The trip to Bunyonyi made it abundantly clear that third-trimester women should not carry backpacks for longer than about 5 minutes and that babies don’t necessarily enjoy the topsy-turvy schedule of a vacation (this baby became withdrawn and would only kick for loud bird noises or equally loud tourist dinner conversation).


Life requires rest and holidays and changes of pace. We cannot indefinitely maintain the same work/play schedule that dominates our school year. We have to make time to get out of town, kick back, read some books, spend time together and enjoy new scenery. Becoming a family makes that lesson seem even more important. Enjoy life! Enjoy hanging out with the people you love.

Life is busy, Lake Bunyonyi can help.


One Response to “Lake Bunyonyi (Part 5, finally)”

  1. Even though you clearly already know you need to spend quality time together before and especially after Baby Crocker is born, I can attest to the fact that you absolutely will need to do that! I guess at the end of our second week with her we finally were able to get out of the house for a night and leave her with the Baileys and go out! Alone! For 3 hours! We didn’t realize we needed to until we got in the car and there was no Abigail in the back seat. Immediate relaxation set in. We were doing wonderfully and were so happy at home and didn’t even notice how much energy goes to her and much less goes to spouses. 🙂

    You’ll be great. 🙂 Just make time on purpose. 🙂

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