Lake Bunyonyi (Part 4)

The library at the lake was one of the most satisfying parts of the entire trip. Whole shelves of books that I had never read. Whole shelves of book that Robin had never read. We were beside ourselves.

Many of the books in the library are donated by guests. Perusing the selection painted a picture of the people who visit:
-A shelf of children’s books: missionary families
-One shelf of “Africa” books relating to international aid: NGO employees and politically opinionated backpackers
-One shelf of “Africa” books relating to nonfiction accounts of life in Africa: Expat wives and casual backpackers
-Three shelves of modern classics: Average expats
-Three shelves of modern fiction: Peace Corp volunteers
-Two shelves of classics: Owners?
-A tiny section on philosophy/religion: Enlightened backpackers

Robin knocked out “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” during our stay while I skipped between a huge biography of Darwin, an examination of gardening as a way of explaining human’s relationship to nature and a travel journal of one man’s attempt to find Yogis in India in the early 1900.

When we left we donated a copy of “The Man Who Was Thursday.” I think that makes us “average expats.”


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