What a mess

This little guy came off the recess field today with blood pouring out of his mouth. He let me fuss over him and get him all the way down to the bathroom before he finally said, “But my tooth is in the grass!”

Back to the field we went!

I had no idea if there was any chance of finding the little tooth, but we went back to the spot where it was lost and started combing through the grass. About five other kids joined in the hunt and, no joke, in about 30 seconds the tooth was revealed. It was pretty much the most amazing event of the day.

Of course, now every kindergarten student is afraid that they will be dripping blood when they lose their first tooth, but hey – a little blood never hurt anyone.

As an aside, I feel like this could make a good fortune cookie fortune: “You will find a tooth in the grass today.” It’s appropriately cryptic and weird. Maybe I should go into business.


One Response to “What a mess”

  1. *Laughing* “Find a tooth in the grass…” That’s so awesome! That fellow has a great smile, too.

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