Nutrition and Bedding

Our dog Henry loves his bed. He also loves his mango seeds. Sometimes the best part of his morning is breakfast in bed. Who wouldn’t want a nice juicy mango seed while snuggled down into a dirty fleece blanket?

Speaking of beds…We spent a lot of time overhauling ours this weekend. The bed bugs have gotten really bad in the last few weeks and I’m covered in bites. It hasn’t helped that the door to our mosquito net isn’t staying closed either. Sunday morning was the last straw when we woke up to five blood-filled mosquitoes humming around on the INside of the net.

So, our mattress spent the day sunning itself on top of the Samurai and the mosquito net was tied up for the day. I picked up some lemongrass essential oil at a craft bazaar on Saturday and after a quick Google search discovered that the timing of that purchase couldn’t have been more fortuitous. I mixed a few drops of the oil with water and sprinkled it all over the mattress and net. Then I stuck some bamboo skewers into the remaining mixture and created a diffuser.

Last night the whole room smelled refreshed. The lemongrass scent perked everything up. We used some clothespins to secure the door on the mosquito net and I am somewhat embarrassed that we hadn’t thought of that before. But! It was a terrific night of sleep without the company of the bed bugs or mosquitoes.

The only thing that could improve my happiness is a nice squishy mango seed.


2 Responses to “Nutrition and Bedding”

  1. Several places here in Des Moines have had really bad bed bug infestations lately and i heard on the radio that the latest treatment here is actually heating the whole house up to about 140 degrees for several hours.

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