By Robin

March 18, 2010


Category: By Amy


Strawberries are still around. They’re bigger now and keep a little bit better. They don’t really *last* around our house, but at least they keep overnight. Then they make a delicious breakfast.

Robin’s pound cake, strawberries and vanilla yogurt – the perfect start to a day.

That is, the perfect start after our “normal” breakfast.

Robin likes cereal. It usually costs 3,500 rwf (~$6) for a box of American Shredded Wheat or Fruit ‘N Fiber. He can make a box last for a couple of weeks so it works out ok. Every morning he has his bowl of cereal.

I eat Quaker Oats. Yes, I’m sure my mother is laughing right now. When I was growing up I hated oatmeal. I still kind of do. But the less grainy versions are becoming more palatable. Also, a friend sent some Orange flavored Cranberries last month and I put about 12 of those in my oatmeal every morning and they really perk things up. So I have a bowl of oatmeal.

Robin always makes a pot of green tea. Good with honey.

Then there is usually bananas and peanut butter or a banana/mango/yogurt smoothie.

It’s a pretty good system that we have going. Working together, we can both prepare and consume breakfast in about twenty minutes and have four minutes at the end for finishing our tea.

Just thought I’d share all of that with the world.


6 Responses to “Breakfast”

  1. The breakfast in the picture is making me salivate… and the thought of a banana/mango/yogurt smoothie is tropical heaven. What is it about your food posts that make me want to lick my monitor? More importantly, those bowls are gorgeous!

    • Mrs., I *love* my blue Rwandan pottery. In fact, I’m going to a craft fair tomorrow in the hopes of picking up a few more pieces. The tourist shops carry a bit, but it’s difficult to find the quality plates and bowls. My collection is just growing “slowly by slowly” (to borrow a local phrase).

  2. HA ha ha ha ha ha hee hee har har har lol lol lol lol 🙂 *sigh* Ok, now that you are all grown up, I have a confession to make: I don’t like plain oatmeal either! I put dryroasted almonds, dried cranberries, my ground flax seed, and either real maple syrup or dates or bananas for sweetness now. Remember how I offered raisens or chopped apples for topping? Oh and I always put cinnamon and vanilla in it when it’s cooking. Daddy bought us an oat groat roller for my birthday, so fresh rolled oats are even tastier. But he still adds choclate chips.;-)

    • Oh Momma, you shouldn’t have suggested chocolate chips! Now I want to try that too 🙂 Maybe I’ll substitute 5 chocolate chips for my normal small chunk of brown sugar. I do remember the raisins or chopped apples, but at the time I didn’t like raisins either and the apples gave it a funny texture. It was probably also galling that Luke always scarfed his down so quickly – I couldn’t stand that.

  3. I agree, this picture looks absolutely delicious!
    And I’m quite impressed with the volume of breakfast you produce and consume in just 20 minutes! Good job!

  4. So glad the cranberries are going to good use! I hated oatmeal too (but I haven’t grown up enough to eat it yet.) Oatmeal cookies on the other hand…

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