A Full Birthday Weekend

Birthday celebrations should always be spread out over several days. That way, when you have to teach on your actual birthday, it doesn’t seem like a letdown. You are free to appreciate the vocal skills of the 9th and 10th grade boys who sneak in to surprise you with the lowest version of Happy Birthday ever sung.

ISK had the day off on Friday so Robin and I drove out to Jambo Beach restaurant on Lake Muhazi to relax. It was the first time we’ve gone out of town without taking a bus and the Mercedes performed very well for the hour and a half drive. It was a surreal experience to be driving through the Rwandan countryside in our own car listening to music that wasn’t blaring from a radio. The Eastern part of the country is just so beautiful and full of pretty pastures and rolling hills. I wanted to buy a farm on the spot.

Jambo Beach was also a great experience. We settled into a table by the lake and spent four glorious hours reading, talking, bird watching and journaling. A friend recommended that we order the grilled fish, but, unfortunately, the fish was finished. So we ordered a grilled chicken. During the hour wait we realized that the friendly chickens surrounding our table were probably mourning our choice. Oh well.

The picture above was taken at lunch on Saturday. Afrika Bite was inexplicably closed so we switched lunch venues to the new location of Lalibela, an Ethiopian restaurant. What you see in the photograph is my meal. The huge tray contains injera, a spongy tangy flat bread. My lamb sauce is in the small brazier. There are no utensils. It was delicious and fun.

Now it’s my birthday and, while Robin has made sure that he doesn’t have any work to do tonight, we have no clue what we’ll be doing after school. How did neither of us manage to make dinner plans? I’ve eaten out enough to last me for a while so we’ll be going through the shelves at home. Is it weird that I might be content with some unhealthy American macaroni and cheese?

4 Responses to “A Full Birthday Weekend”

  1. Happy Birthday Amy šŸ™‚ Quite a significant number!!! I love following your blog. The gift of the yellow and white striped hat was so very special. All that great food and sunshine seem to be agreeing with you. Love, Aunt Joyce

    • Auntie Joyce, thanks so much for the comment. It’s always fun to know who is following the blog šŸ™‚ Food is definitely agreeing with me again – hooray!

  2. Happy birthday to you! That injera looks kind of like pancake-y goodness.

    • Thanks so much šŸ™‚ The injera actually is kind of like a sourdough pancake. It’s a great flavor complement to rich sauces.

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