A Surprise

My “Amy Crockery” package turned out to be a lovely anonymous gift from the States. It came to me in the middle of a class period and, much to the amusement of my students, I wore it for the rest of the day. The yellow stripes satisfied a color-need for the day and during an afternoon rainstorm I was nice and cozy. Now I’ve been requested to wear it to school on a regular basis. Hmmmm…

In recent weeks we have received a lot of gifts from friends and family in the States. A friend has been visiting Rwanda and brought a suitcase full of things from friends in Vancouver. I wish that there was a better way to thank everyone for their contributions, but I know that some people read this blog and will spread the message. Sending food might not seem like a big deal, but it is a sure way to brighten our day. Some examples: I’ve been able to eat Orange infused Cranberries on my oatmeal every morning, spice up a white bean soup with a can of green chilis, look forward to a slice of peanut butter fudge for dessert every night, sprinkle cheddar cheese on anything I want and dip hash browns in Arby’s sauce. Looking at our food shelves is like going out to eat every night. What fun food do we want to incorporate into dinner tonight? Thanks again!

Also, if the striped hat looks slightly familiar, it was patterned after a hat worn by a small child in one of my January blog posts. I’m so happy to have one of my own.


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