It looks like…a femur?

So all first-time parents spend time wondering how their genes will combine and what their child will look like, right? His nose or mine? Blue eyes? Please don’t say their hair will be as thick as ours right off. The ultrasound pictures are scrutinized for any hint as to the shape of the eye sockets or the length of the fingers.

And, generally, the black and white ultrasound picture that proves that OUR genes made the cutest little skull ever will be prominently displayed on the refrigerator.

We have a different story.

Because our ultrasound picture was taken in Africa.

Here, when you say, “Yes, I want a picture of my baby” they will photograph the most important part of the baby: the femur.

Our baby’s femur looks about like a burned down matchstick. But! According to the doctor it proves that our baby is healthy and strong.

“It’s a very good femur.”

The only real question is: does it look like Robin’s femur or mine?


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