Teachers go through a lot for their students.

I was reminded of this during recess today as I watched an angry 1st grader compose a wrathful letter to his teacher. She didn’t deserve it. He had come to school angry. But she had to deal with his grumpy attitude and stick-letter condemnation of this “stupid day.” (I know letter writing sounds advanced for 1st grade. This a very advanced 1st grader)

I also go through trials every day at recess. Trials such as:
-Kindergarten boys complimenting my headscarf
-Sending scraped knees to the office
-Being hug-attacked by little girls
-Explaining that if you tell me you’re playing “American football” and then try to complain that someone “jumped” on you after you caught the ball, I will not entertain the complaint
-1st grade boys complimenting my necklace
-Traumatizing brand new students by absentmindedly pushing them on the swings and not noticing when they want to get off
-Being forced to listen to conversations such as “Do you know why you can’t walk from China to Japan? Because you must not disturb the people on the beaches”

Maybe “trial” is too great a word.

But they do put me through a lot.


2 Responses to “Teachers”

  1. I want to know who that last quote about China and Japan is from!

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