How to shop for fruits and vegetables

Just walk outside the school compound at the end of the day. 2,000 francs for a bucket of strawberries and 1,000 for a beautiful head of broccoli. I probably overpaid (ISK teachers are not allowed to comment on what they paid!) but it is so worth it. The strawberries are such a treat. I always miss berries when I live in Africa and the discovery that Rwanda has a suitable climate for strawberries makes me very happy. Robin used some of our latest batch to make strawberry, banana, mango smoothies for breakfast this morning. Do I really live in a place where that fruit combination is perfectly normal?

And then there was the broccoli. Ah, so good. During my first trimester I couldn’t eat any vegetables and even now I’m only slowly easing back in. Broccoli is going to help that process for sure.

Now I can’t wait to walk out the gate this afternoon.

2 Responses to “How to shop for fruits and vegetables”

  1. Those are GORGEOUS veggies!!!! Yum! I can’t believe the size of the broccoli and the strawberries.

    • Cheryl, the broccoli is the best broccoli I’ve ever seen in Kigali. It’s so clean and healthy. And I love that they leave on so much of the stem. It’s my favorite part 🙂

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