Local Cravings

By Robin

January 25, 2010


Category: By Amy


Mmmmm, nothing better than a stack of Extreme Dill Pickle Pringles, a can of apple Fanta and some fresh strawberries. Yep, I must be pregnant.

I really love living in a place that has fresh strawberries in January. And a place where you can find apple Fanta (my favorite).

And I really love this place that introduced me to the Extreme Dill Pickle Pringle. I resisted for a long time, but cravings for anything salty finally got the best of me. Thankfully Robin isn’t too grossed out. He thinks they’re pretty good too. Maybe he’s having sympathy cravings.


4 Responses to “Local Cravings”

  1. You may have to bring some of those Pringles back for us to try …

  2. We have the Extreme Dill Pickle Pringles here in the states, too! Our family tried them on a dare. S-O-U-R. And with Apple Fanta? You MUST be pregnant!

  3. How fun 🙂 I haven’t had any odd combinations of cravings, really…I wonder if I did back last semester at school and just wrote it off as just a weird want…haha, who knows…all I know is since I’ve been in Iowa I’ve eaten a lot of Arby’s, my fair share of pizza, and for about a month at one point, donuts…my poor little girl! Maybe next time around I’ll eat more healthy foods. Miss you!

    • oh Arby’s 🙂 I’m hoping that my cravings stay in the local vein and I don’t suddenly *need* watermelon or pickled carrots or something. Although, I do have to admit that I’m asking my mom to send over a bag of Fritos for my birthday. I’m just a salty girl I guess.

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