Organization Skills

I’m teaching a combined study skills/typing class to two of my rotation classes this term. We don’t have enough computers for everyone to type at once so the class is split: half typing and half working on study skills until they swap halfway through the period. It makes for a sometimes chaotic classroom, but it’s a comfortable chaos.

Note: my classroom was expanded over the break to make these types of classes possible. My classroom is now twice its previous size. It’s pretty much the best classroom in the whole school.

This week we tacked a major study skill: the purging of the backpack. I should have made it a contest to see who could find the weirdest item hidden in all of those compartments and pockets. The seventh grader with the broken handle from a travel mug would certainly have won. Between two classes we filled my trash can twice. Students discovered missing books, cookies, pencils and bendy dolls. Even students who claimed that they had no trash to find ended up saying, “Why do I have so much stuff???”

Once in a while, we should all ask ourselves the same question.


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