A Whirlwind Trip

By Robin

January 6, 2010


Category: By Amy

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Welcome back from the holidays! Robin and I had a relaxing week just after school let out. We celebrated Christmas/our anniversary at the Kigali Serena Hotel (they were running this great special) and thoroughly enjoyed the time together, room service, plush robes, holiday meal, air conditioning and television. Then I headed off to the great U.S. of A.

I left Rwanda on a Sunday and left the States the following Sunday. How’s that for fast? My route was identical going and coming so I felt sure I was going to run into the same flight attendants and pilots. It didn’t happen, but the feeling of deja vu never went away.

The point of the trip was to attend my brother’s wedding in Menominee, MI. However the wedding being at the end of the week, I spent time along the way making friends with an adorable dog named Chip in Chicago and a gigantic cat named Gypsy in Madison. They took me in…fed and clothed me…ha, ok not really. But their respective owners were generous with time, questions, food and beds and I had a great time every day of the trip. A. Really. Great. Time. (that also might or might not have had something to do with the fact that my best friend was around almost every day) It was *so* good to see my family and the wedding was beautiful.

Meanwhile, poor Robin was at home working on school. He missed out on photo opportunities, huge drifts of snow, lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and seafood chowder at the rehearsal dinner. But, he packed up the Christmas tree, made pesto and has a bunch of music for me to listen to. Coming home was so worthwhile.


One Response to “A Whirlwind Trip”

  1. Sure hope you dig on some of the tunes I sent!

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