Cookie Exchange

Christmas cookies are one of the most important Christmas traditions. They are beautiful and add such a nice edible touch to the decorations. Plus, who isn’t transported *somewhere* when they eat a Russian Tea Cake?

But, here in Rwanda, who wants to sacrifice the precious chocolate chips and marzipan necessary to make a full spread of holiday treats?

The solution is to gather a group of girls who want to impress each other with their baking skills and can think of no better way to impress each other than to use chocolate chips and marzipan!

How about hand-cut gingerbread men?
Or Ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies?
Or hand tie-dyed sugar cookies that made a permanent mark on the hands of the baker?
And don’t forget a huge pot of apple cider.
Oh and a precious pot of Dunkin’ Doughnuts coffee.

If you like that sort of thing.

I mean, if you want some edible Christmas decorations.

Really, just if you want to.

And if you want your house to be overflowing with cookies.


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