More of the Field Trip

The all-boy field trip last week was a trip to climb part of Mt. Bisoke in the Virunga mountain range. It was a collaborative field trip between science, photography and English class for our secondary students. Different classes had different assignments so it made for interesting question and answer times with the guides.

The hike was beautiful. We didn’t see any animals (thanks to the aforementioned boys), but we did see a group of gorilla guards. Approximately 70 % of the gorillas in the Rwandan side of the Virunga range are under constant monitoring. Each group of gorillas is guarded against poaching and monitored for the sake of tourists. We saw the guards for one group crossing our trail and I am convinced that, provided we had quieter traveling companions, we would have seen the gorillas as well.

In the afternoon we visited the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and were given a fantastic presentation about their work. The boys were enthralled. They asked questions for nearly an hour. Mind you, we did not see an actual living gorilla. They were held captive just by verbal descriptions of gorilla life and the work to protect that. Later, the woman giving the presentation told us that she sees “gorilla magic” all the time. Just a description of the animals is enough to pique the curiosity of anyone.

So, next time I head up that way, I’m going to see the gorillas.


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  1. It’s soooooo worth it.

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