Tough Guys

By Robin

December 7, 2009

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Category: By Amy


If you agree to help chaperone an all-boys field trip…you might get stuck on a two hour car trip with boys.

If you get stuck on a two hour car trip with boys…you might decide to ban some of them from having sugar on the rest of the trip.

If you ban a boy from having sugar…he might pester you about it for the next two days.

If a boy is pestering you about sugar…you might just start to ignore him.

If you ignore boys too long…they might start to loudly complain about the stinging nettles along the trail.

If boys complain about stinging nettles…they might find out that you grew up with stinging nettles and you don’t have much sympathy.

If you don’t have much sympathy for complaining boys…you might be the perfect person to chaperone an all-boy field trip.

And you just might have a really good time.


2 Responses to “Tough Guys”

  1. Yes, indeed. I do love boys. Delightful description.

  2. Now just who are those silly people who say sugar makes no difference….

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