The Bike Race

I had a dilemma when choosing the picture for this post – should I use the “teamwork” picture that shows most the team surrounding the bike in an effort to make a smooth transition from one rider to the next or should I use the “pillbug” picture that shows what each guy looked like as he finished a lap? My choice would determine the lasting impression of the team – tall and strong or down and silly.

Down and silly just seemed so much more representative.

The bike race was partially sponsored by Project Rwanda and the elongated bike that you see pictured is one of their bikes. The race was one of many that happened at the stadium that day; all of them used Project Rwanda bicycles. I didn’t witness all of them, but I know that at least two of the races involved milk cans being transported using the bikes.

Our race was the “corporate cup.” 20 NGOs, corporations and government groups entered. Oh and us. ISK was the lone school represented at the race. Our team of four included Mr. Dolinger, Mr. Thies, Mr. Smith and Mr. Crocker. None of them had ridden a bike in the last two years.

After a qualifying heat, a semi-final race and the final race, ISK came away with a 4th place ranking. Not bad considering they’d never ridden the weird bikes before, the weird bikes had weird brakes that locked up instantly and caused spectacular crashes/rider transitions and that none of us on the support crew remembered to bring any water.

The riders came away with very healthy appetites for their Thanksgiving dinner.

And a pillbug camaraderie.


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