Happy Thanksgiving!

This picture captures the craziness of our Wednesday Thanksgiving. My camera battery was dead so I missed out on getting my own images of the afternoon ISK bike race or the evening meal (thanks Marissa for this one!). The day was like three separate days all stuck together. First was the morning of school, second the afternoon race at the stadium and finally dinner at our house.

Dinner really shouldn’t have been crazy. The meal was shared among 13 people and nobody had to make more than two or three items. I was in charge the turkey, green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. I fought with the turkey the night before (who knew that they wouldn’t chop off the head before they gave it to me?) and it successfully brined and baked. Our 11 guests all arrived bearing delicious food. The table was in the process of being set and a football game from last December was playing in the living room.

Then the power went out.

Those of us in the kitchen slapped on headlamps and continued carving the turkey and whisking the gravy. Robin lit candles on the table. It didn’t take too long before those of us in the kitchen gave up. Who really wants to carve a turkey by headlamp anyway? And the gravy whisking was disrupted every time the headlamp-wearer turned to see who was walking into the kitchen. We just set everything on the table and began to eat by candle light.

And that was just fine.

The turkey tasted fine by candle light. The two kinds of stuffing tasted fine by candle light. The rolls tasted fine by candle light. The corn with mint tasted fine by candle light.

Then the power came back on and everything continued to taste just fine.

Even the tree tomato tart.


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