Cold Nights

Yesterday morning we received a message from our small friend Jones, “Dear Amy and Robin, it’s going to be really thundery there today. You’ve got to stay in your houses because there’s going to be thunder and it could shock you! Someday I’ve got to come to your house.”

Of course, by the time we got the message we were already at school and couldn’t stay home to avoid the thunder. So we watched out our classroom windows all day. No thunder. No lightning. No rain.

Maybe Jones’ reliable weather informant,, had failed him.

He had just seemed so sure.

During dinner we began to hear the wind rushing through the valley. The doors in the house began to creak and the dogs started whining. (ok, who am I kidding? Mali whines incessantly anyway. It had nothing to do with the weather) Then, in the distance, we heard a louder roar. Rain was pelting the tin roofs across the valley. We listened to it move closer and closer. Lightning lit up the sky and thunder rumbled. Our house was engulfed by the storm.

The rain lasted for the whole evening and into the night. We had to watch our episode of The West Wing while wearing earphones because the rain on the roof was so loud. The air was cold (to me!) and blankets were a must.

Thanks for the heads up Jones. We enjoyed our thunderstorm.

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