Photography Class

On Friday afternoon Robin agreed to be a model for my photography class. He let me pose him and reflect light into his face and ask him to smile into the lenses of seven cameras. The students loved it! I’ve only seen a few of their photographs (this is one of mine), but I’m sure they got a few that will be worth keeping. I’ll think that they are worth keeping anyway!

It’s just so exciting to be able to expose the secondary students to this form of story-telling. It’s fun to turn them loose in a crowd of elementary kids and see what kinds of pictures result. Every week they have a “Weekly 5” assignment and they have to turn in five photos relating to a certain topic. I really enjoy our Monday classes when we get to peruse the assignment.

To cap this trimester-long course I’ve decided to host a gallery night here at the school. Each student will have 5 of their “best” pictures printed, displayed and available for purchase. The proceeds will go toward…something. I haven’t decided what yet, probably future artistic endeavors of ISK students. Anyway, if anybody who reads this blog is in Kigali on the 11th of December, come by the school to see some really fun photographs.


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