Birthday Traditions

I rang the second bell at 2:25 and then grabbed my drama basket. The 5th and 6th grade classes were waiting for me in Miss Hallee’s classroom. My room isn’t large enough to accommodate all of them so we meet in their math/science room. It’s weird to rotate classrooms as a teacher, but it is better than the alternative: 16 kids in a room that hardly holds 8.

As I passed between the buildings I could hear the secondary PE class stretching, “one, TWO, three, FOUR, five, SIX…” A quick word to the 10th grader shouting miscellaneous numbers between counts.

My entrance into Miss Hallee’s room wasn’t remarkable, the kids kept talking and laughing, but a sixth grader hurried up to me with this package in his hand.

“Mrs. Crocker, today is my birthday and here is your present.”

MY present on YOUR birthday?

I love our international birthday traditions. No big fuss, but a lot of fun in handing out gifts to classmates and teachers.

I’m already planning what I can give to my students on my birthday.


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