A cultural event

There are a lot of ways to spend a Wednesday evening in Kigali. Most weeks a Chinese Cultural Event is not on the list. But, having never attended a Chinese Cultural Event, especially not one celebrating the 60th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, Robin and I decided to make room in our busy Wednesday social calendar and attend.

We walked out of the stadium feeling chock full of culture.

-Chinese Opera
-a mask dance that took clown-phobia to a whole new level
-the lute you see pictured
-a never-ending bugle performance that sounded like air being squeezed out of a balloon
-a “drummer’s dance” that looked a lot like a 7 ft tall man doing ballet
-a “feet and leg show ”
-martial arts forms
-a scarf dance
-balancing acrobatics

I have to admit that I was not on my best culturally sensitive behavior and had to work very hard to suppress hysterical laughter several times during the evening. Tonal singing just isn’t my thing, I think.

The feet and leg show was quite impressive, however. In fact, it kind of brought down the house. A girl balanced a huge vase on her feet (she was lying down at the time) and spun and flipped the vase using only the soles of her feet. Then she moved on to a table. No, she was wasn’t lying on the table…she was spinning and flipping the table using only her feet.

The most “ah, Africa” moment came when the power cut out in the middle of a tumbling pass.

Ah, Africa.

Ah, bewildered Chinese acrobat.


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