Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain…

Have you ever been stuck at school because of the rain?

Introducing a speech (or blog update) by way of a question has probably been the most popular method ever since it was first seen in Reading Rainbow: “Have you ever wondered if pigs can fly? Well I did. So I read this book.” The method is also making an appearance right now in my 7th and 8th grade debate class as they struggle with the idea of starting a speech without saying “ok now listen up” or “today I’m going to talk about…” It’s a good struggle and they are already seeing the fruits of choosing a strong opening question.

But as a teacher I can only handle so many questions:
“Mrs. Crocker, what are we having for lunch today?”
“Mrs. Crocker, when are we going to play a game or do an activity?”
“Mrs. Crocker, can I see my grade?”
“Mrs. Crocker, are we watching a movie?”

followed by:
“Have you ever needed to start a fire and it wouldn’t start?”
“Have you ever heard about George Washington?”
“Have you ever made a poor choice in friends?”
or, my personal favorite,
“Have you ever needed to trip someone quickly?”

I’m just waiting for the day when we can transition into captivating opening statements instead of goofy opening questions.

And I am stuck at school because of a rainstorm.


4 Responses to “Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain…”

  1. Well, HAVE you ever needed to trip someone quickly?

  2. Does this remind you of your early childhood in Texas?

    • ummm, it might? if I remembered rain in Texas? My only memory of Texas is hot summertime and I was in a swimming suit 🙂

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