The Henry dog

By Robin

September 29, 2009

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When we first got our dog Henry he walked like an arthritic prizefighter; every step was deliberate and tender. He was afraid of collars and leashes and the car. He wanted affection, but wouldn’t ask for it except by looking at you sideways. And that sideways glance was indistinguishable from the sideways glances he gave when he wanted to go outside, when he was hungry, when he met new people or when he was about to bolt out the gate. He howled every night for the first week.

Now, seven months later, he’s a changed dog.

Gone is the old, timid Henry. The new Henry is an escape artist.

Challenge #1: Neighborhood dogs and trash on the other side of the compound wall. How to reach them. Oh,  jump the wall. Never mind the glass shards. Bloody feet recover after a week or two.

Challenge #2: Ok, Theo put string up along the top of the wall. Not a big deal. String is flexible and easily pushed aside.

Challenge #3: Barbed wire along the wall. This one will take a few weeks of contemplation. Hmmmmm. Oh, wait, not a problem…just jump, push the string aside, squeeze between the barbed wire and balance around the glass shards all in one motion. Wheew, glad it was so easy.

Look out world.


One Response to “The Henry dog”

  1. The real Henry emerges… thanks for sharing

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