When the wife is away (part II)

On the wife’s end of the trip, there were a few interesting bullet points:

-The original bus to Gisenyi bumped over a curb and blew a tire just ten minutes from town.
-Emily’s guidebook map had the Presbyterian Guest House in a funky place and we walked all over town before finding it.
-I was given money by a beggar.

Our experience in Rwanda is made up of a lot of bullet points tucked in together. Like a pomegranate. Each event is beautiful, but we don’t get to savor just individual events. We get bite after bite after bite. When I write them down…each event by itself…I shiver, just a little bit, at the enormity. I spend time on bus rides separating everything out in my mind. Our life. School. Pizza night. The dogs. Our friends. The people we wave to on the street. School lunches. Cooking together in the evenings. Books. Rain. Driving. Global Citizenship.

I wish that I could make it all come together in a picture.

I wish there were other ways to express this process of delving for a rhapsody.


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