When the wife is away…

… the husband will play.

Okay, so I didn’t exactly play for the whole weekend (I did back into someone’s car, so that’s not fun), but I did have a chance to do some things for myself while Amy was away on a girls’ trip to Lake Kivu this weekend.

I slept in and didn’t make the bed!

I ate leftovers!

I watched an old western!

What else should a lonely husband do with 36 hours of free time on his hands? I had been waiting for an opportunity to watch The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly since April when I got it in the mail from a friend. Turns out, the best chance to watch a three-hour-long western is when you’ve got nothing but time, and no one else’s preferences to think about but your own. While I think Amy would enjoy the movie, it is a long visual expedition for just one sitting.

I should mention that I also made cookies, did the dishes before Amy got back, and made dinner upon her return.

So it was a decent weekend, though only about half as good as it could have been. (My better half was gone, what can I say?)

And I’m actually getting a chance to update the blog in the middle of the school day because our one 11th grader and both 12th graders are all gone today, so I’m not teaching Philosophy and my entire afternoon is free…

….maybe I’ll watch another western.

3 Responses to “When the wife is away…”

  1. I like big fat men like you. When they fall they make more noise.

  2. So, I actually have not seen Good/Bad/Ugly; any good?

  3. We started watching Laurence of Arabia, with much trepidation from J. Once the credits began to roll, the trepidation increased to worry. Not to concern you though, J never makes it more than 30 minutes in one sitting anyway. He’s gonna sleep through this one for weeks!

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