Back-to-School Night

Dutch ambassador – check

U.S. ambassador – check

Teachers in “official” polo shirts – check

Well, this must be the social event of the week in Kigali: the official opening of the ISK facility and back-to-school night.

I’m just watching everybody from my windows. Jacob and I have the view over the courtyard and it’s perfect for an event like this. We get to see the embassy vehicles with their little flags and the awkward children who aren’t sure if they really want to meet their new teachers.

The parents congregated and there were speeches. The Dutch ambassador spoke of this “small wonder” and made comments about our “island” in Rwanda that would prepare global citizens. The American ambassador recognized everyone present and the “miracle” that had taken place. We went from an idea to a school in four months.

Try explaining pre-calculus to a Dutch engineer who doesn’t use any of the same mathematical terminology. Integration finally created a spark. I forget how the terms for math aren’t universal. So much for the universal language…

Parents say “congratulations” like we’ve really done something. It seems like all we’ve done is decorate classrooms. Why don’t they ever think to congratulate you at the end of the year?

But, all in all, a successful night.


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  1. Nice picture.

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