100th Post!

The reality begins to sink in, once again.

I. Am. A. Teacher.

I stare at the class list: physics, pre-calculus, debate, drama, photography, keyboarding, strategy games, cooking. I wonder if the content for so many classes can fit in one head. I decide that, actually, I want all of that content in my head. It’s more new things for me to learn. Not sure about the students…

I rehearse our new, teacher-developed motto: Engaging Individuals, Encouraging Success, Enriching Global Citizens.

Sure, I can engage a bunch of 5th through 12th graders this year. Actually, engaging them sounds like fun. I can engage and they can engage me right back. That sounds interactive and fun for both of us.

Encourage success? Wow, as a former homeschooler, I love this idea. I’m not ensuring success, but I’m encouraging them to reach for it. I facilitate as they navigate the paths of successful learning.

My favorite things about teaching over here are all of my global citizens. They are already citizens of the world when they walk into my classroom and they are just looking for me to enrich their identity. I love their surprising areas of strength and their openness to new opportunities and friends. So, yeah, I can look for ways to enrich them this year.

I look back over my classes…ok, I can form engaging experiences through all of these subjects. I can get really excited about them. I would love to facilitate the class that adds a new surprising strength to these kids. I would love to create an encouraging environment for them.

I’m ready to be a teacher again.

And I *love it* that my new teacher desk has three beautiful drawers.


2 Responses to “100th Post!”

  1. A teacher desk with DRAWERS?!?!! Whoever heard of such a thing…

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