Home again, home again

Oh the emotions of our return. We can’t believe how quickly we’ve “settled” back into our compound. There are pictures on the walls, the kitchen is rearranged to be much more spacious, a new blanket is on our bed and our bookshelves are overflowing! The older dog apparently “got saved” and loves to stand on top of our car to attend the church services in the next door compound. We’ve made our first major shopping trip, filled the soda crate, had a pizza night for the newly arrived teachers and enjoyed the first rain of the season. And we haven’t even been here a week!

We arrived last Friday and attended the church wedding ceremony of a fellow teacher on Saturday. Well, we made it through two hours of the ceremony. I don’t know how much happened after that, but jet lag was catching up with us and we needed to get to a napping place. It was such a contrast to be attending a ceremony in Rwanda almost exactly a week after attending Beth’s wedding in the States.  Inside/Outside, Large/Small, Translated/All English (plus leaf blower). It was the same life stage being expressed in two different ways and that was fascinating to me.

And I am so prepared to be fascinated by weddings for a good while now. Last week two of my siblings became engaged! (got engaged? went the engagement route? joined the engagement bandwagon? became wedding-bound?)

This picture captures the emotion of one of those engagements so perfectly. Welcome to the family, Nathan and Marie. And congratulations, Lukey and Bean.


One Response to “Home again, home again”

  1. Glad you got back safely. I hope the jet lag recovery and all else goes well. Congratulations on the bethrotals.

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