A Family Wedding!

By Robin

August 9, 2009

Category: By Amy

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We returned to Washington tonight after a quick Texas trip. Robin’s sister, Beth, got married on Friday in a lovely backyard ceremony. And, as usual, I have an amazing story to tell…

Beth wanted a simple, outdoor wedding. I, being from the great Northwest, couldn’t quite fathom how the sound of cicadas fit into anything serious, much less the commitment of your life. So I decided to meddle a bit and asked her to please, please consider at least having some music for her walk down the aisle. She humored her dear sister-in-law and selected something nice. We put it on an mp3 player, ran an extension cord to speakers and I was installed with the single, simple job of pressing play.

30 seconds before Beth was to appear on her father’s arm, I deleted the song from the playlist.

“It’s gone!” I hissed to Robin.

“What do you mean? It can’t be gone”

“It’s GONE! It’s not here. IT’S GONE!”

I frantically scrolled through artists and albums while watching the back door of the house open and Beth step out. Horrified, I felt myself rising to stand with the entire audience. After one last desperate look at the mp3 screen (which was happily tuned to some country song?) I made the Rwandan hand motion for “come” to Beth and her dad. Unfortunately, it looked like a bye-bye wave to them and they stared back at me uncertainly. Gah, what country am I in? I flipped my hand over and did the American beckon. They smiled and sailed on down the aisle…

…to the sound of a leaf blower that had taken up residence in a neighbor’s backyard.

The music never had a chance.


One Response to “A Family Wedding!”

  1. Excellent story.

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