My favorite place

The beach!!!

Jacob came up to visit last week and found himself smack dab in the middle of an AmyRob adventure at the Oregon coast. We were supposed to take him out to visit the coast, but then there was a -2 (LOW!) tide and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go tide pooling. We found a campground directly above the Seal Rock tidepools (best place ever!) and I was at my happy place. The guys missed the frosted nudibranch, but still enjoyed the misty morning and the plethora of sea stars. (Please, please, please do a google image search on frosted nudibranchs…or even opalescent nudibranchs. I tried to describe them to someone at the beach as a cross between a slug and an angel. Methinks I need a new descriptor.)

And then we kept thinking of places that we wanted to eat. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get clam chowder at Mo’s in Newport. Then there was a stop at The South Beach Fish Market for 1/2 a crab and some halibut and chips.  Moseyed on up the coast for cheese curd at the Tillamook cheese factory and finally ended up in Astoria for Mexican hot chocolate at the Astoria Coffee House. We drug Jacob all OVER the place, eating and eating as we went. The only place we didn’t eat was at Cannon Beach where we took this picture. Oh wait, Ben and Jerry’s Mission to Marzipan ice cream was finished off on that beach. Well…we didn’t buy any new food there.

Oh beautiful tide pools
Oh delicious seafood
How I will miss you

One Response to “My favorite place”

  1. methinks maybe J and I need to take this trip to remember our homeymoon…

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