Doesn’t It Look Cold?

It is! What month are we in? Three days ago we were playing tennis at 11:00 PM and it was 95 degrees. Now we’ve come to the Northwest and yesterday’s high was 60 degrees. 60! It’s like we’ve teleported from the peak of summer to the middle of autumn. It rained all day yesterday, too. I think it rained a grand total of 15 seconds while we were in Texas.

It’s actually nice, though. In Rwanda we don’t get season changes at all, except from dry to rainy and back again. We just realized this week that it might be a very long time before we actually experience autumn and winter again, depending on how long we stay in East Africa. It only gets as hot as a mild summer day, and only as cold as a rainy spring day.

It’s all relative, I know. It’s fun to experience the differences. We’ve had July 4 but it feels like we could also be having Christmas, not just because of the climate, but because of the gift-giving we’ve been able to do as well. Plus, any time you make a trip just to see family and friends, it feels like a big holiday, even if the calendar is basically normal. (The TSO cd playing in the background helps too).

We go back to Rwanda in exactly one month from today. I’m excited, and have already begun pre-reading for my classes, thinking about lesson plans, and how teaching will be this year. It’s hard to do those things as soon as you re-enter the States, but now that our return is approaching, it’s easier to get excited about doing some early work.

As the month progresses, we’ll be sure to keep you updated as to our gallivanting around the Great Northwest, cold rain and all.


4 Responses to “Doesn’t It Look Cold?”

  1. Those of us that live in the great northwest think a day at 60 degrees is nice! Also, could you please send the rain our way?
    Keep in mind our mild weather allows us to grow lovely gardens and keep our lawns green all summer.

  2. Amy, I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog. Now I can read about all the exciting things happening in your life! When you go back to Rwanda will you be teaching the same subject/age group? Good luck!

    • BreAnna, a lot of things will be the same this upcoming year. My subjects will not be one of those šŸ™‚ I think I’m getting hooked up with pre-cal, physics, photography, debate and drama this year. Should be exciting šŸ™‚

  3. When I came back to the US after being in Togo for 2 years, I was AMAZED at spring and fall — I hadn’t ever really noticed them before. I mean, I had noticed them, but I didn’t fall in love with them like I did after seeing red clay dirt and the same old trees year-round (except when they got extra dusty or dried out from Harmattan). šŸ™‚ Enjoy your last little bit before heading back to Rwanda!

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