Family Time

By Robin

July 1, 2009

Category: By Amy


The reason to come back to the States is to see family. Robin and his sisters are happy to be together 🙂

We’re halfway through our time in Texas. Besides spending time with Robin’s immediate family, our goals for our time down here looked like this:

1. See a Ranger’s baseball game – we’ll be there on Friday!
2. Travel to Kentucky to spend time with extended family – we went a week after we arrived. The trip was sooner than we had planned because Robin’s great-grandmother passed away, but it was still good to see everyone.
3. Listen to live music – Sherman and local towns have fun outdoor weekly concert series. Being from the NW I feel like I’m in a movie or something. We’d never manage to have weather that would allow for bands to play in the open all summer long. The Texas atmosphere is a glorious thing.
4. Eat barbecue!!! – Bliss and happiness in the land of barbecue.

On the barbecue note, I’ve been trying all year to find recipes that do not call for liquid smoke in the sauce. I guess I could take a bottle of liquid smoke over to Rwanda, but it seems simpler to find different recipes (and healthier…who knows what is in those little smoky bottles!) Robin’s mom found a recipe that calls for strong black coffee and I’m excited to try that. Also! The mother of one of Robin’s friends spent some time researching alternatives to liquid smoke for me and discovered that meat drippings are the common alternative and original ingredient. Any other suggestions/recipes?


3 Responses to “Family Time”

  1. come home. we’ll cook. soon.

  2. I bring back the bottles of liquid smoke. 🙂 If you decide to bring back a bottle, triple ziploc it in case of spills.

  3. It’s actually rather easy to make your own liquid smoke. The meat drippings are the better choice – especially as far as flavor goes – but homemade liquid smoke is no big deal if you don’t mind making a trip to the hardware store. There’s plenty of instructions online.

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