Ode to Stromboli

By Robin

June 7, 2009

Category: By Amy


In the beginning of this year, I introduced the blog readers to our roommates: Jacob and Caleb. We were thrown together by chance and managed to make a great little community. The desperation of those first few weeks of school saw us bond over things that became lasting traditions like pizza night every Friday, lunch at Afrika Bite every Saturday, my many food experiments and the willingness of everyone to stop and talk at any time.

Our compound has been like home base for the whole year. Robin and I always seemed to be the first ones home after a break and we would keep our ears open for the creak of the gate that would announce the arrival of one of the guys. I have two “returning from break” images on my mind: Caleb arriving from his Christmas travels and hanging his backpack on the front porch before heading out to get some food. Just seeing the pack was enough to make me feel like our home was coming back together. The second was when we got home from spring break. I was in the kitchen fixing fried fish and talking with my mom when Jacob walked around the end of the house wearing a huge smile, a fresh tan, and handing out tea and treats from Zanzibar. It was like introducing my mom to another family member.

This year we will say good bye to Caleb. He is heading back to the States to finish a degree in occupational therapy. If anybody needs a good therapist, he’s going to be amazing.

Memories of Caleb:

-Riding a bike taxi past a small barber shop on one of the first weeks of school and catching a glimpse of Caleb bravely getting his head shaved by a local barber
-Caleb coaching rugby without knowing hardly anything about the game or without even knowing if they would play a single game
-Seeing Caleb walking hand-in-hand with small children on our street
-Caleb saying, “It seems like I only ever give you food as gifts”
-Hearing Caleb singing snatches of “Part of Your World” from Little Mermaid with my iPod when he is in the kitchen during dinner prep
-Car troubles
-Caleb knowing the names of (it seems like) everyone in our neighborhood
-Quiet opposition to certain events of the year
-And Stromboli!

Caleb makes the best stromboli that I have ever had and it is definitely a favorite food around this house. The recipe is available upon request. I have it on a paper sack.

We’ll miss you Caleb!


6 Responses to “Ode to Stromboli”

  1. I know Caleb!!! I had no idea until today that he was in Rwanda with you guys! He was an intern in Togo several years ago. Blessings to you!

    • Tracey – We really had a convergence of people who had been to Togo this year. It was so fun when we realized that Caleb had been an intern with you guys 🙂

  2. “Cook for a solid 15-20 minutes approximately.”

    Great picture, great post. 🙂

  3. this one made me smile!

  4. a food recipe?!! Don’t post this without sending it to me straightaway! LOVE YOU!

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