Things of School

Students and teachers mingling at prom…bet you can’t spot the teacher 😉

I got to play photographer for the prom last Friday evening and thus attended my first institutional prom. The theme was “Out of Africa” and the whole campus was decorated with candles and twinkly lights. It was beautiful and everyone seemed to have a good time (and they didn’t make me dance which made it better, in my book, than the middle school social).

In class, my students have also given me some fun quotes in the last few weeks-

#1. Setting: Fifth grade making up silly stories about aliens
Quote: “They eat dog poop.” “What?” “You know, poop of the dog?”

#2. Setting: sixth grade (half of them are not American) discussing landmarks in Washington D.C.
Quote: “Yeah, even the Wizards’ basketball stadium is surrounded by buildings” “In America you have lizards that play basketball???”

#3. Setting: further sixth grade discussion of D.C.
Quote: “Well, now that Obama is in the White House, they need to repaint it half white, half black.” “Yeah, but then they’d have to call it the Whack House.”


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