Good Bye, Chersea

By Robin

May 8, 2009

Category: By Amy


Chelsea finally went home this week. And she finally made it home 48 hours after I *first* dropped her off at the airport. It’s a story worthy of a blog post.

The departure time was 4,15 pm out of the Kigali International Airport on Sunday afternoon. Chels and I arrived at around 3, met some friends who came to say goodbye and then Chelsea hurried off through check-in because it was “closing.” I gave her friends a ride to the nearest bus stop and then headed home.

Around 7 pm my phone rang. “Chelsea” popped up. I thought, “Oh good, she made it to her layover in Ethiopia and wants to let me know that she’s ok.” Nope.

“Um, hi, did you get my SMS (text message)? Because I’m still in Kigali. We started to take off and then something happened and we’re still here. The next flight won’t be until tomorrow and they can’t find enough hotel rooms for all of us. I’d really rather spend another night with you guys, so can you come and pick me up? Oh and there is this high school kid from New Hampshire who wants to come too.”

So Chelsea and Matt (the random kid from New Hampshire who had been visiting his grandfather in Burundi) came home for another 15 hours. We fed them the last of the spaghetti that Caleb fixed for dinner and entertained them with episodes of The Bob Newhart show. And then, the next morning, we ditched them for school.

On my lunch break and subsequent planning periods, I picked Matt and Chels up and hauled them (plus huge luggage bags…in our tiny Samurai!) back to the airport. And that is the last that I’ve seen of either of them. I know that Chelsea manged to get a flight to Germany fairly quickly. Matt might have had a tougher time waiting around for another nonstop Addis Ababa to Washington D.C. flight, but he didn’t seem to mind. Missing the last few weeks of classes senior year because of some layovers in Africa can’t be too bad.

2 Responses to “Good Bye, Chersea”

  1. Matt e-mailed. Apparently with my whole Lufthansa/Ethiopian Airlines fiasco and the fact that he got routed through Paris on his way to DC, we ended up getting home around the same time. Crazy, eh?

    Thanks again for the many trips to the airport. Hopefully there will be more in the future. 😉

  2. ok, good to know that he made it.
    I think the bike guys miss you.

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