A visit

By Robin

April 22, 2009

Category: By Amy


My parents’ visit was a big first for us. It was the first time that Robin and I, as a couple, have hosted them in our home. And not only were we hosting them, but our entire household was hosting them. Mom and Dad got to experience living with six people and two dogs (who have learned to open the back door in the middle of the night) and all of us got to enjoy their presence around the house. Dad played handyman and fixed our hot water tank, a long door and a leaky faucet. And Mom was just a mom to everyone.

It was a really good visit. Mom and Dad got to experience life in two different countries (Uganda and Rwanda), spend time at school with us, spend time in town with Chelsea, eat at some of our favorite places, sleep at a fabulous vacation spot in Gisenyi and see a lot of our life in Kigali. We thoroughly enjoyed facilitating those experiences and spending time with them. The house is already too quiet.


3 Responses to “A visit”

  1. wonderful picture!

  2. Love the picture and loved our time with all of you!

  3. Glad to hear the visit went so well!

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