The Matchmaker

By Robin

April 1, 2009

Category: By Amy


I reached one of my life goals last week.

I directed a play.

Robin, in support of me, both set and reached a life goal last week.

He acted in a play.

Wednesday and Thursday evenings last week, the KICS 7th-12th grade drama program put on The Matchmaker. It’s like Hello, Dolly! but without the singing. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Robin had to step into a main role 10 days before the show opened. And everything turned out so so well.

The entire school contributed to the production. The high school art class painted our screen backdrop/set pieces. The middle school art class designed our posters and programs. The PTO sold snacks (sushi at a theater performace? Excellent). The Student Council sold drinks. Students of all ages contributed costumes and hats. And around 100 people showed up to each performance to support us.

Directing was as fun and exhausting as I thought it would be. I had a lot of challenges that I didn’t anticipate, but I really enjoyed the overall process. I had two great co-directors (Cady Tolon and Emily Dunnagan) who helped out a lot and I had a cast that was the perfect mix of old and young (and by old I mean “juniors and seniors” not “Robin”). The international nature of our school also gave me a chance to work with kids from a lot of different backgrounds and it was fun to see how those backgrounds contributed to the interpretations of their roles.

As with every production there were a lot of stories, a lot of miscues, a LOT of missed entrances and a lot of hours spent wondering if this thing was going to actually come togteher.

But it did.

And now I can check “direct a play” off of my life list.

And I owe my husband…big time.


2 Responses to “The Matchmaker”

  1. Congratulations to you both! I just went to the CYT performance of Matchmaker on Saturday. I’m sure it was lots of work and fun.

  2. I’ve read that play. It’s fun. Did Amy act? When Robin’s the lead, I assume the male lead? (A part which I think he could play well. RObin, remember that Richard Jackson and I were going to cast you in a Greek mythology play in Mrs. Imhofff’s class, but she cancelled the assignment?)

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