By Robin

March 12, 2009

Category: By Amy

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Another picture from the weekend. This is our Sunday breakfast on the lawn.

If you take a look at the About Us page on this blog you’ll see a list of food items that we always need: pepperoni and bacon bits for Friday night pizzas, goldfish crackers because every home should have a package or two on hand, walnuts and pecans because cinnamon rolls and muffins aren’t the same without some nuts, Taco Bell sauce to spice up the occasional bland school lunch, Swedish fish to satisfy Robin’s sudden discovery that they are one of the best candies in the world.  Based on that list it looks like we’re always in a state of food withdrawal. It’s really not the case.

While we really enjoy our few American delicacies (bacon bits? delicacy?) we manage to keep our tastebuds entertained with locally obtained goods. The local gouda-type cheese wheels work just fine for pizza and everything else that requires cheese. Plus the dogs love to eat the chopped-off rind. We can get good avacados, pineapple, tiny bananas, native fruits, yellow or purple onions, green peppers, carrots, green beans, pumpkins and potatoes. Those can be used for guacamole, banana muffins, French onion soup, stir fry, baked pumpkin, potato pancakes or balsamic vinegar green beans. (among other things, of course) We have fresh basil in our garden and that has gone on basil/mozerella/tomato pizza, basil/apple/feta cheese crepes as well as being used to make fresh pesto.  There is lots of tilapia to be had in Rwanda and, while we haven’t taken advantage of it as much as we should, we do enjoy the occasion meal of baked or fried fish. We can get ground beef, steaks, pork chops and even (ta-da! this is new) chicken breasts.

In some ways my life revolves around food. My kids always want to know the lunch menu for the day (today is chapatti and lentils, hurrah!) and dinner is a big part of of our day. Friday night pizza is such a tradition that we work our weekend plans around being home for that meal. But it’s really not that bad. I find that cooking is relaxing and it makes me feel creative. I’m reluctant to share cooking duties even when I know that it’s not feasible for me to cook every single night. It’s nice, really, to have such a constant hobby. It’s nice that this city has enough options available to keep me busy.


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  1. Swedish fish?

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