A brief break

By Robin

March 9, 2009

Category: By Amy


This last weekend was a four day weekend at KICS. I claim that it was a break to celebrate teacher birthdays (about five of us have birthdays around this time) and I think that I managed to convince several of my classes of that fact. The rest remain skeptical. Be that as it may, we thoroughly enjoyed the break.

On Saturday, Chelsea, Robin and I set out for a spontaneous adventure. We knew that we were going to catch a bus out of town, but weren’t exactly sure where we would end up or if we would be back in a single day. We ended up on Lake Kivu at a gorgeous little getaway spot. I can’t really describe how beautiful it was. Obviously, we got this pretty picture so you can just imagine (based on the beautifulness of us) how pretty the location was. Plus, the breakfast they served on Sunday morning filled an entire table: crepes, individual tea pots, toast, omelettes. And everything was served on wooden plates that were carved to look like fish! And all of our utensils were wooden! I don’t know if the wooden forks actually accomplished anything, but they looked cool.

So, ah, good weekend, good break and a good friend. Forward march into the week…


4 Responses to “A brief break”

  1. Ooooohhhhhh! I love this picture! Sounds like a WONDERFUL time!

  2. Awww, I’ll get this printed for you when we get back 🙂

  3. I get more and more keen to visit Rwanda every day!

  4. Was this get-away spot the same as your anniversary trip? If not it sounds just as nice. I agree: what a beautiful picture of you guys:-)

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