Another African Birthday

Step I for an African Birthday party: Plan it with another teacher so you can split costs and use their (larger) house for the party.

Step II: Spend a fun hour with Emily and the school secretary making invitations (complete with Tinker Bell stickers*) to put in all of the teachers’ boxes.

Step III: Watch most of the teachers at school come down sick with a stomach virus during the week and wonder if anybody will even be at the party.

Step IV: Panic because the man who is supposed to make the brochettes and other food for the party isn’t returning phone calls.

Step V: Decide that the party will happen to matter what.

Step VI: Hear from the brochette man two days before the party. He can come.

Step VII: Purchase the crates of drinks and paper goods for the party. (napkins for 30 right?)

Step VIII: Two hours before the party discover that the power that is supposed to be running into the neighborhood surrounding the party will be diverted to the Stadium to light a basketball game. Pack every candle in the house.

Step IX: Arrive to see a dark compound with the path to the house beautifully lined by tea lights.

Step X: Arrange candles to help illuminate the party and mingle with friends.

Step XI: Wonder, around 9, when the food will be ready.

Step XII: Continue to mingle. Plug in a computer to provide some music.

Step XIII: Check on the food around 9:30. “30 minutes”

Step XIV: Receive a phone call from home. Yay

Step XV: Check on the food again around 10:30. “5 minutes”

Step XVI: Chat with even more friends. Feel very hungry.

Step XVII: 11:30 – Food!

Step XVIII: 11:40 – Cake!

Step XIX: Head home around 12:30

Step XX: Be happy about a great party

*I didn’t really have a choice on the stickers…the secretary told me that I had to choose between that or Winnie the Pooh


6 Responses to “Another African Birthday”

  1. Sounds like you had a good day 🙂

  2. Glad you are so flexible and could enjoy your birthday party by candle light.

  3. Ah yes, East African time again? Or is it just with food workers? Next time you just tell him that the party is a lunch party, and things will be ready in time for dinner!

  4. Glad you had a nice party. I sent you a birthday greeting by email, but didn’t know if you’re still checking that address.

  5. Who came?

  6. teachers came and friends…mostly Kersti’s friends since I don’t know many people outside of school

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